Dating firearms by serial number

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When using BP as a propellant, bullet weight is a major factor in assessing performance.

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Leaving aside the question of how many gunshot victims of the 1880s died of blood poisoning and infection versus those who were dropped in their tracks by The Marshalls Trusty Sixshooter, its possible to make some direct performance comparisons today.Its a gate-loading solid frame gun with a rod ejector alongside the barrel and bird's-head grips. It too will accept and shoot the .45 Long Colt without any difficulty, though nominally it's chambered for the .476 Mark I round. wool "Wonder Wad" between the powder and ball, and #11 percussion caps.Webley sold it as the head-to-head competitor with Colts very similar Model 1878. The charge was a nominal 30 grains of GOEX FFFg black powder, measured volumetrically from a CVA flask.Both these large revolvers were widely used in the American Civil War and in the post-war period of frontier settlement.Both were sold around the world and achieved a great deal of popularity in other areas being civilized in the 1860s and 1870s.

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