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Kevin Ball (Steve Howey) walks in with his cowboy hat, cowboy boots and Stetson on and informs them all it is shift change; telling them that whomever is not a red-blooded American to please exit the premises.In Russian, Svetlana tells everyone to leave or the big idiot will make them pay double for their drinks.Svetlana (Isidora Goreshter) and Veronica (Shanola Hampton) bicker about cutting a check for the liquor; Svetlana saying that Veronica’s math is sh*t.As they review the books, Veronica discovers that Svetlana is taking 50/50 when it is supposed to be split 3 ways.Carl (Ethan Cutkosky) comes upstairs from the basement with a bucket of vomit, talking about day 4 of detox; but Frank is more interested in talking about his promotion at the garden shop.

Lip joins everyone in the kitchen as his “friend” leaves for work.Ian talks to Trevor (Damien Diaz) about the church, saying he checked it out and it would be a great location for a shelter.At home, Debbie is singing away as her daughter sits in the highchair.He returns to the junkie, JJ (Michael Delgado) and tells him he wants him to polish his boots, so that he can see his face through them by the end of the day.Fiona goes to see her boss about the church, saying the it is a liability and the only offer is a shelter wants to lease it.

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