Dating friendship ua

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Sure, how does someone who has told a whole load of lies and deceived even know that they’re telling the truth?You believed them when they were lying; now you’re supposed to believe them when they say it’s the truth.The trouble with lying and deceiving is that aside from putting forward a deliberately false statement and seeking to gain an advantage or to avoid something undesirable, is that the people who habitually lie and cheat are often supported by people who have faith in them and may even fight their corner.When lying and cheating is uncovered, it’s devastating to the trusting believers because they’ve based their own version of reality on the lies and deception.

Uncovering lies and deception is like having to manage your own mind f*ckery.

It’s like holding all or a lot of the cards and being privy to knowledge that the other parties things in order to keep you in their back pocket for rainy day entertainment and to pass time with.

They’re not honest and upfront because they know that if they were, you would (hopefully – you’d be surprised how many take this as challenge) tell them to take a run and jump.

There are those of us who get blindsided, and there are those of us who get wounded while effectively participating in the deception.

I’ve talked about this before in my post about how affairs are like being double-crossed on a heist.

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