Dating gayz

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But really, it just goes to show what I’ve been saying, you need to practice safe sex.

Anyway, it’ll be news to his god that prayer is all-powerful, pretty sure the deity had that one down pat. If ever there was a subject which is almost universally surrounded in falsehoods, deception and misinformation, it is the topic of homosexuality.Of course, in Billy’s mind the couple were copulating on the floor, man on top sort of thing. Oh such frustrations he has to simply invent words, although I don’t see how calling your female partner a wife is an invented idea. And the militant homosexualists along with their PC buddies in the mainstream media have perfected all this. It’s been awhile, I’ve been busy getting the knots out of my knickers, being hairy has it’s draw backs.In my mind she was on the balcony rail with him standing in front, overcome with, well clearly it got too much and they let go. On that note, I’ll ignore the rest of his blog, it’s only about abortion and not worth the worry really. This tweet has been re-tweeted about 6,000 times, not bad I guess. So now we can talk about a woman and her wife as if we are talking about 2 2 and what that equals. A recently made up word by people who what to simply make up language as you go along. Well, I’m off to polish my snarfle with a damp womble. I happen to glance up to see Billy talking about truth, I thought, this’ll be good… Since we are 100% self financed, we need your help for that to happen. This has been a hoot, I’ve had lots of fun blogging here. It’ll be here for a time, but I guess it’ll disappear sometime, never to return, much as jesus fucking christ did. I expect my place in heaven with Mary Fucking Mc Killop, Cardinal Hell, Pope Bendy Dick and all the right-wing douche-bag nutjobs is reserved and they’re all waiting for my arrival so that they can poke fun at me and say “We told you so” Life goes on, may yours go on for awhile yet, make the most of it, don’t waste your time in fruitless prayers, get out and do something. Most are the creation of men’s minds, instead of the Jesus of Scripture. The ultra-orthodox ones that have sparked me fur to stand on end like a million hard soldiers. It seems that for some extraordinary reason any time an ultra-orthodox man so much as glances at a women he is tempted to have sex with her and if that wasn’t bad enough, the ultra-orthodox have no way of knowing if the woman is having her period.

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