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And was ACC Hilton really the corrupt officer known as 'H' – or could it be Hastings?

Maneet Bindra (Maya Sondhi) is also expected to return.

Not necessarily, according to Adrian Dunbar."If Jed's prepared to write beyond series six, then that would be fantastic," he said. If they stick with the show and they love the show and stay loyal to it, then it could go on and on.

A great deal of the new 10-episode season takes place in dim rooms and unlit garages, in an ominously oppressive forest and a shadowy cave, or under sickly, faltering lighting that suggests a kind of heavy moral decay falling over the world.

But there wasn't just one Balaclava Man – it's "Balaclava Men, plural" and "there may be others still at large".

There have been references to two figures, 'H' and 'Top Dog', and if the late ACC Hilton was H, the top corrupt cop, then possibly Top Dog is his boss – not a police officer but an out-and-out criminal with considerable power and influence."There are some people there's no immunity from," dodgy solicitor Jimmy Lakewell (Patrick Baladi) told Steve.

"One of the things that we haven't done is to delve into Hastings' past," said Mercurio.

Indeed, series five will explore the possibility that AC-12 chief Hastings might in fact be a criminal mastermind who's been pulling the wool over our eyes all this time."The fact that Hilton is a very good fit for 'H' – and [corrupt cop] Dot Cottan would know that he was 'H' – is something that is consistent with the series as it has gone before," Mercurio said.

"But the fact that there could be a suspicion that Hastings is 'H' is something that we want to exploit dramatically going forward."For his part, actor Dunbar doesn't know if Ted is bent or not, but said that the character being corrupt "doesn't feel particularly right" given what's gone before.

There does come a point where we have to develop things in a new direction if they're to remain exciting and fresh dramatically."Steve is still struggling to regain mobility after being assaulted, while Kate may no longer be viable as an undercover cop after being deployed once too often, so it's possible that both will be taking on different roles in series five.

Mercurio has confirmed that the "ambiguity" surrounding H's identity in series four's finale was very much intentional.

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