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I dont know what those people did--- I dont know what values to hold on to which ones to let go.

Which are my beliefs, which are thier forced beliefs. I read that I should continue to be patient with myself Im just ready for it to be over.

Some may consider Catholicism, Lutherans, Episcopals, Cof C, non-denominationalist and independent churches, etc as cults. The label is somewhat relative based on your measuring stick. Deceit: Recruits and followers are not told everything about the leader and the group's inner circle, particularly flaws or potentially embarrassing events or circumstances.

It so hard to be honest and open about my experience.

After reading a number of testimonies, I think myself very lucky that I did not stay there any longer.

Actually, the International Church of Christ (ICOC) is/was a cult, and even Kip Mc Kean (its founder) has come around to realizing that one. However, the Church of Christ (churches of Christ), per se, is not the same thing as the ICOC. I wonder if this one bears in similiarities to the DFW Church of Christ Jesus that was an offshoot as well. I was recruited in 1991 and I was almost gullible enough to join until two things happened.

1) They criticized my wife's Catholic faith and said she was going to Hell. The definition you show can be applied to just about anyone in any religion and I may be worst offender. I believe I am doing what I am supposed to be doing.

2) My neighbors, we lived in an apartment, told me why they stopped attending their Bible studies two weeks earlier. I attended a Bible study that was supposed to be in discussion about a Harrison Ford movie. " was directed at my pornography remark, this is what I meant. It seems the definition of cult is "that which I believe to be a cult." Some of you may find of interest this article by skeptic Michael Shermer on "THE UNLIKELIEST CULT IN HISTORY." It's about some of the followers of Ayn Rand and her philosophy of Objectivism.

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