Dating kienzle clocks

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If you're lucky, the oil will dry to the point where it stops the clock before more serious damage is done.

How long this takes depends on the oil, the environment, and of course, the design of the clock.

It's very difficult to say how long the interval between cleanings should be.

It largely depends on the quality of the previous cleaning and repairing, how well the clock has been cared for, and its degree of use and wear.

There are some very good clock oils available on the market today and, when applied to a properly repaired and adjusted movement, will provide excellent protection from wear-and tend to stay where put.

Also remember that proper oiling of a movement often involves more than one type of clock oil or grease.

Often, one sees clocks advertised on Ebay and elsewhere as "not running, probably overwound." The fact is, there is no way to overwind a clock.

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To make your clock run faster, move the lever to F (or , or "Faster").

One of the worst enemies of clock movements is WD-40.

While it is an awesome lubricant meant to be used for general household uses (like door latches, hinges, rusted bolts and power tools), it is NOT suitable for clock repair.

These factors are best evaluated with a movement inspection by Ken's Clock Clinic.

On the back of an alarm clock, you will see a crescent-shaped opening.

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