Dating king trumpet

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The fourth character (number) indicates the specific type of instrument: "1" = Cornet, "2" = Trumpet, "3" = Alto Horn, "4" = French Horn, "5" = Mellophone, "6" = Valve Trombone, "7" = Slide Trombone, "8" = Baritone Horn & Euphonium, "9" = Tuba, and "10" = Sousaphone.

The remaining four numbers of the serial number indicate the production number of the instrument on a monthly basis.

Instruments made during that period are not likely to be their best examples, as the workers were still relatively new at the manufacturing process.

In March of 1974 an alpha-numeric system was established, where the first character (letter) of a serial number indicated the decade; "G" for the 1970's, "H" for the 1980's, etc.

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A couple's quiet night in was ruined when they were spooked by loud, unexplained noises that lasted 40 minutes.Some instruments, mostly from the 1920's, have either a star ("*") or the letter "B" stamped near the serial number.Current thinking is that these marks indicate a non-standard alloy, probably only of the bell.The first video posted on You Tube recording the unusual, unearthly sounds was in 2008 when a user recorded the strange sounds in the sky from Homel, in Belarus Facebook user Shannon Parkinson said: 'We heard this exact noise couple of years ago me and my other half.'Thanks for the proof we are not mad, Calvin.'Eerie sounds have been heard at different times and in locations across the world for almost a decade.

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