Dating lucy fossil accurate

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Surprisingly, 90% of all age-dating methods overwhelmingly support a young earth, while the other popular methods, including C14 and other radiometric dating procedures have been misinterpreted by atheistic uniformitarian science. young earth YEC creation) “Starlight, Time and Physics” David Rives and Dr.

Russell Humphreys, Physicist, on Creation in the 21st Century. Humphreys looks at the speed of light, starlight and time, and discusses a theory of how light from distant stars could have reached earth in only 6,000 years.

(Bruce Malone and David Rives discuss the theory of evolution and long spans of time, showing that the things we observe in nature could never have come about by chance, even given the proposed millions of years of time.

Topics: evolution, time) “Brilliant, Made in the Image of God” David Rives and Bruce Malone on Creation in the 21st Century.

Topics: flood, sedimentary layers) “Amazing Design In Creation” David Rives and Dr. Topics: arctic terns, DNA mechanisms) “The Importance of a Historical Genesis” David Rives and Dr. Topics: Bible, foundations) “Christian Roots of Science and Busting the Myths” David Rives and Dr. Why did scientific discovery thrive in Europe and the Americas in times past? Bruce brings science alive through stories and demonstrations, showing that Biblical creation is the most rational explanation for the world around us.

Could the reason be linked to a predominantly Christian worldview? “A Matter of Time” David Rives and Bruce Malone on Creation in the 21st Century.

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Feats that baffle the mind and cause one to question: “How did they do that?

Sarfati brings a unique perspective to creation science. Jonathan Sarfati and David Rives discuss overwhelming evidence of a global flood that reshaped the face of the entire globe.

“Scientific Evidence of a Global Flood” David Rives and Dr. This evidence agrees with observations that have been seen through scientific testing in various laboratories. Jonathan Sarfati and David Rives discuss astounding aspects of creation that show design, as opposed to random chance evolution. Jonathan Sarfati and David Rives discuss why it is SO important that we as believers, take the book of Genesis to be a literal account of history, from the beginning of time. Jonathan Sarfati and David Rives about scientific discoveries. Jonathan Sarfati to find answers to these questions and more in this episode of “Creation in the 21st Century.”Bruce spent 27 years working as a research leader for the Dow Chemical Corporation, has a degree chemical engineering, and is responsible for key innovations which have resulted in 18 patents.

” Using these amazing examples, Bruce illustrates that we as humans are set apart from all of the other creatures – We are ‘made in the image of God.’ Topics: human intelligence, inventions) “Monkey Business” David Rives and Bruce Malone on Creation in the 21st Century.

(Bruce Malone and David Rives talk about discoveries that have been made that are presented as ‘evidence’ for ape to man evolution.

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