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Unbeknownst to her parents, Jones snuck out of her house later that night to go out with Graham, who picked her up outside.

Prosecutors say that Graham then drove to a deserted road near Grand Prairie, Texas. According to reports, the original plan was that Zamora would come up behind a seated Jones and snap her neck.

According to the informant, Diane had admitted that she and David had murdered Adrianne after David had confessed that he'd had sex with the girl.

In September of 1996, both Zamora and Graham were arrested for the murder. Diane Michelle Zamora (born January 21, 1978), is a former United States Naval Academy midshipman who is serving a life sentence for her role in the December 4, 1995 murder of Adrianne Jones, a girl Zamora believed was a romantic rival for her boyfriend, David Graham.

Skull depressions in Jones' head matched a strike in the head with a dumbbell.

Zamora said herself it was stupid for her to go in the car with Graham.

According to Zamora, all of the details from her confession were lies.

As to reports to Jones sneaking out: Her brother watched her walk out of the house, saying that she appeared perfectly fine.

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Graham and Zamora began dating in August 1995, and only about a month later, they announced their engagement to their families.

David had lied to Diane about an alleged sexual tryst that never happened with Adrianne Jones.

If he had said, 'I was just kidding, I was just trying to make you jealous', Adrianne Jones would still be alive today."Sgt.

According to his confession, Zamora told Graham that he could not let Jones get away. Police found Jones' blood inside the car, splattered on the passenger door.

Graham took his gun, tracked Jones down in the field, and shot her twice in the head. Zamora claims that the first time Jones was struck was outside the car, by Graham.

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