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Alaska Northern Railroad and tasked with completing the route to Fairbanks.

Today, the ARR connects that point with Seward and Whittier.

In all, the system currently stretches more than 500 miles including both main and secondary trackage while annual revenues exceed 0 million.

: The historic Apache Railway has been in service since 1917 connecting Mc Nary to Holbrook, Arizona via Snowflake.

The road operates more than 230 miles of track and handles more than 13,000 carloads annually amongst a wide range of freight.

It has been a G&W property since 2008.: This short line operates about 38 miles of track from Columbus, Mississippi to Belk, Alabama handling forest and waste products.

Louis-San Francisco's network and today the railroad handles more than 61,000 carloads annually including coal, iron and steel, chemicals, scrap iron, pulp and paper, and limestone.: The A&TR is owned by Omni Trax and has been in service since 2004 after acquiring 120 miles from CSX.

While there have been initiatives to further extend the system these have never materialized thus far.

The railroad still provides regular passenger schedules along with its extensive freight service.

There are also a handful of smaller such companies including Pioneer Rail Corp, Rio Grande Pacific Corporation, Patriot Rail, Pinsly, and Gulf & Ohio.

All of these systems are included in the state-by-state list below along with the independent operations although you can also find out more information about them by visiting their respective parent's website listed above.

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