Dating problem drinker

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What I have noticed about small towns is that gays and lesbians tend to stick together more. In other words, they will think that the two of you came to the bar to find someone to have a threesome. So, who is the best person to bring with you to a gay bar? Good-looking women will attract the attention of the lesbians in the bar.

I will cover the dos and don'ts of dating in another column.

My wife tried to find other lesbians to date by roaming the aisles at Home Depot.

You see, my wife is Guatemalan, and when her corporate job moved her to the U.

Do not say, "There are no gay women where I live." That is most certainly untrue.

If you repeat such negative statements to yourself, you may not be able to spot the hot lesbians in your neighborhood. Tell yourself that you could meet the love of your life at any moment. Let's start with small towns -- a frequent email request.

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