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Kuraigaike Park to the east of Toyota city is a large park centered on Kuragaike Lake.The park contains a number of set piece gardens including an English Garden, a Four Seasons Garden and even a "Guest Ranch" with sheep and horses.The Toyota-shi Mingei-kan (Toyota City Folk Craft Museum) (Tel: 0565 45 4039) is also a free facility.The Toyota City Folk Craft Museum's many exhibition halls, in a parkland setting, display Japanese arts and crafts produced in the wider Toyota City area including dolls, ceramics, furniture such as wooden tansu chests, glass work and fabrics.

Toyota is a sister city of Derby in the UK, where Toyota has a factory and of Detroit, the original "Motown" in the USA.

Toyota City has a number of interesting museums, many of them supported by the Toyota company.

These include the Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, the city's premier museum, with a number of modern art exhibits and installations set in striking, contemporary buildings.

Sanage Onsen is a local beauty spot a short drive from Toyota city.

The Kinsenkaku Hotel (Tel: 0565 45 6111) is a large onsen resort hotel in the area with a radium bath said to be good for rheumatism.

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