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The stews often included pork, sweet corn and cabbage, or other vegetables and roots which were available...

The southern poor ate cold turkey washed down with ever-present cider.

In 1728 the Boston News Letter estimates the food needs of a middle-class 'genteel' family. Dinner consisted of pudding, followed by bread, meat, roots, pickles, vinegar, salt and cheese. Each famly also needed raisins, currants, suet, flour, eggs, cranberries, apples, and, where there were children, food for 'intermeal eatings.' Small beer was the beverage, and molasses for brewing and flavoring was needed.

Butter, spices, sugar, and sweetmeats were luxuries, as were coffee, tea, chocolate, and alcoholic beverages other than beer." ---A History of Food and Drink in America, Richard J.

The stoic early settlers rose early and went straight to the chores that demanded their attention.

In frontier outposts and on farms, families drank cider or beer and gulped down a bowl of porridge that had been cooking slowly all night over the embers...

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