Dating sim academy hints

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Soon, however, they are introduced to the Monokuma Kubs' "father", Monokuma, who explains to the sixteen Ultimates the rules of their new lives: they are trapped inside the Ultimate Academy for Gifted Juveniles, and the only way to escape is to kill one of their own and successfully get away with the crime in a class trial.

Kaede soon discovers that they are indeed trapped, and she, Shuichi, and the other Ultimate students are forced into playing Monokuma's sadistic Mutual Killing Game.

And, while Monokuma has once again returned, it has been said that previous characters will not make an appearance, with the setting being Hope's Peak Academy's Spiritual Successor.

Many elements, however, have been updated, with many technical aspects changed, multiple testimonies displayed at once during debates, "Scrum Debates" where the students split into two sides in a debate and the new ability to utilize "lies" to solve trials.

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Kaede and Shuichi wake up in their lockers again, but now she remembers that she is the Ultimate Pianist, and Shuichi re-introduces himself as the Ultimate Detective.

Kaede goes around meeting her new "classmates" and learning about their diverse talents.

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