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lets rolll', he can be seen smoking as he drives over the Bolte Bridge and past the Melbourne Star.

The three videos, shared to his social media page shortly before 8pm on Wendesday night, gave no indication of the terrifying attack he allegedly launched three hours later.

The highest production of 340 million kg was recorded in 2013, while the production in 2014 was slightly reduced to 338 million kg.

But just hours before Marks allegedly said he'd 'blow up this f***ing plane', he posted video to his Instagram account of him smoking and listening to loud music en route to Tullamarine Airport, in Melbourne.

'We spent an hour and a half sitting on the plane sh***ing our dacks that this thing might blow up,' he told Triple M radio.

Marks faces two charges against the Crimes Aviation Act and will appear in the Melbourne Magistrates' Court on Thursday afternoon.

A Sri Lankan man who allegedly attempted to hijack a Malaysia Airlines flight relaxed with a cigar and gangster rap music, just hours before threatening to blow up more than 300 passengers onboard.

Manodh Marks allegedly claimed to have a bomb as he rushed towards the cockpit door of flight MH128, just minutes after take-off at 11.11pm on Wednesday night.

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