Dating vintage leather jackets

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In it's heart there are minimal amounts of juniper berries and a more fragrant lavender floral note, atypical of most vintage men's fragrances. Orris root or iris is supposed to be in the mix but I never found this fragrance's heart to be all that floral and only the lavender comes through.

There is hardly any powder note though orris usually comes through as powdery in fragrance.

I get a lot of the fir in this, and as it settles the fir to my nose ramps up to be an equal player to tobacco, spice, and that syrup note. Anyone and everyone who ownes a leather jacket or drinks heavily should own a Varvatos bottle. Maybe I was just tired, but couldn't make out any individual notes, but although there's NOT a cherry note listed, about half-an-hour into dry-down I smelled a very nice herbal CHERRY-something, as a few others have mentioned (I suspect maybe the fennel, lavender, and basil together? Very nice, I wouldn't mind OWNING Vintage, and I don't say that too often. Somewhat very versatile for a confident man.would fit to 25 years old . I have issues with other Varvatos fragrances but two sprays of Vintage and I'm surrounded by a pretty heavy cloud for easily over 12 hours. At least, after the rhubarb nuke you get off the top. Sure, we all wish they had better performance, but spray your clothes people, or at least invest in a travel atomiser. By the way this reminded me of ckin2u which jettison said smells like the laundry which I totally get, this scent reminded me of that one but a bit better. It's got a nice spicy, sweet, leathery aroma that makes you smile. My first impression today: I stopped by the mall (not too far out of the way, on the way home from work) and sprayed it directly on my wrist. I'm shocked that people are reporting performance problems with this. Does this fragrance enter BEAST MODE, good, just okay or weak sauce at best? Fall and winter is best but a cool spring day or night is fine as well. I vascillate between this and the criminally short lasting dark rebel.

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