Dating violence scenario

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WAO has produced a 45 page Report on "Battered Women in Malaysia: Prevalence, Problems and Public Attitudes", 1995 (available from the WAO office).This report is based on a national research study of Malaysia conducted by WAO between 19.For people who have had little contact with battered women, it may be difficult to visualise the extent and nature of battering and its affects on the family.WAO's research and annual data collection have documented that many battered women who seek help from the agencies have been suffering repeated assault and or psychological abuse from their husbands for a number of years.Until then, no national studies on battered women existed in Malaysia.From this national survey, it was estimated that in 1989, 1.8 million or 36% of women over the age 15 were beaten by their husbands or boyfriends.With 39% of Malaysian women estimated to have been abused by their partners, domestic violence is a significant, but often hidden social problem.The 'invisibility' of the problem is largely attributed to the sensitivity of the issues surrounding the problem, especially the traditional belief in the sanctity and privacy of the family and the intimacy of marital relationships.

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Domestic Violence – The Malaysian Context The Domestic Violence Act in Malaysia The need for a Domestic Violence Act (DVA) Criminalising Domestic Violence PDRM Statistics of Domestic Violence cases in Malaysia What constitutes domestic violence under the DVA? Making the DVA applicable to all Malaysians How effective is the DVA?Prior to the DVA, legal measures available to domestic violence survivors were hampered by a reluctance to enforce domestic violence as a criminal offense.Although criminal proceedings and injunctions were available under the Penal Code and existing legislation, domestic violence was regarded as a private family matter, and police and the courts were generally unwilling to take action against batterers.Only 909 women actually reported violence to the police.Many battered women have told WAO their stories of seeking assistance and how they were not listened to, were advised to be more patient, told not to provoke their husbands and to persist with the marriage.

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