Dating website adsense

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Where the money is: Take a commission when work is successfully placed, or charge a monthly fee to either buy requests or see contact details.The mini pitch: “Yahoo Answers for website owners.” What it is: A place where website owners can pay for advice and get opinions from a wide community of experts, dabblers and end-users.Why it’s hot: Outsourcing and personal virtual assistants are hot topics right now.A market-leading web concierge service could be big business.Bids are live and backed by escrow, and when the top item’s been sold, the ones below float upwards and a new item becomes active and open to bids.Why it’s hot: As a seller, it’s becoming increasingly complicated to list things online, generate buzz, and make a quick sale.I think there’s still space for a well-executed live auction site that makes listing and bidding super-simple.

And imagine getting paid just for referring someone you know who needs a new website or logo design.

You need to think carefully about how you’ll guarantee that all bids (and items! This could be by asking users to deposit funds into their account prior to bidding, or some other way. ” What it is: An online hub to swap your skills for those of others.

Instead of paying for services, you simply swap your own. Post a “help wanted” ad, together with a list of your own skills and examples of your work.

Where the money is: Monthly subscription fees or per-use charges are the way to go here.

The mini pitch: “Buy it now on steroids.” What it is: Online auction sites are great, but few of them capture the same adrenalin rush and buzz that you get from a real auction room.

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