Dating your real estate agent

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Until recently, email has been a prospect’s preferred method of communication with you, but these days there’s little indication your messages are getting through.

Not every email will be opened or responded to, but name recognition through repetition can prompt a prospect to reach out to you months, even years, after your initial contact.

After we spoke, I set you up to receive an occasional email with listings similar to what we discussed. [Agent signature] Subject line: [Contact name], let’s chat about selling your home Hi, [Contact name]: Thanks again for taking a minute to chat with me on [conversation date] about selling your home.

I’m hoping they piqued your interest, so shoot me an email or give me a call at [your number] to chat; I want to make sure I’m sending you what you need. I strive to make the selling experience as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.

You might have already emailed a buyer to introduce yourself and your services, but you haven’t heard back yet.

Your next email can pick up the previous conversation where you left off.

To avoid sounding too aggressive, be sure to reiterate the topic you and the buyer discussed earlier.

Subject: [Contact name], finding your dream home Hi, [Contact name]: Thanks again for contacting me on [conversation date] about the house at [address].

When we spoke [X weeks or months] ago, you weren’t ready to talk to a lender, so I’m just following up to see where you are.

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