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' "Dave Pollard was lampooned as a fantasist, with a dashing on-screen persona that bore little relation to his overweight reality.

What many found more perplexing is why a man such as Ramsay, with a vast business empire, pretty wife and children aged between five and nine, should feel the need to indulge in sordid trysts with a bleached blonde best known for a liaison with Jeffrey Archer.

That's where I come in, introducing them to a quality woman who is bored with her alpha-male husband."Miller offers both an online dating service with 28,000 members and a more personalised one-to-one introduction agency for "nice, middle-class people".

Since founding his business 13 years ago, he has noted a steady increase in younger, female clients.

They feel they can never escape the scene of the crime, and computers are so ubiquitous now that they can't avoid it.

David has been immersed in financial markets since 1980, as a stockbroker, fund manager at Flemings, then a managing director at JP Morgan and Royal Bank of Canada before joining the Cheviot partnership in 2007. He keeps fit by cycling to work and still swims and runs competitively when the mood takes him.“My marriage and my family is one of the happiest parts of the history of my life,” says Duchovny. I don’t understand why people try to rewrite their history.” And thanks to their children, West, 15, and Miller, 12, Duchovny and Leoni – who is dating actor Tim Daly – are closer than ever. “We live five blocks away from each other,” he says. “One of the nicest things Téa has said to me is that the fact that West has a nice young man is a testament to you as a dad.I don’t know if that’s true, but it was nice to say, and I choose to believe it!Famous man poses for photographers with silent, grinning wife in the style pioneered by David Mellor. The nation forgot the economic crisis in its haste to pass judgment.At the school gates, in internet chat rooms, at office water coolers, everyone was dissecting the tawdry tale of Gordon Ramsay, 42, his beautiful wife Tana, 33, and his mistress Sarah Symonds, 37, author of a handbook "for the other woman". From the bawdiness of Chaucer's The Miller's Tale to the tragedy of Anna Karenina, the philandering of John F Kennedy and a John Prescott leg-over, everyone loves a tale of extramarital activities.

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