Define relative dating

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“My little sister was my whole world,” Murdock said. I can’t blame her for turning out the way she did, but I can make sure that Dahlia can hear about her mom.” Murdock set up residence on Maui as she began working to get custody of her niece.

Within two weeks of her arrival, Murdock was outfitted to take in the newborn who had spent several weeks in the hospital and shortly thereafter Dahlia came to live with her.

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Nebraska’s child welfare system was struggling, forcing the state’s lawmakers to address the issue head-on.

Other policy and legislative changes dating back to welfare reform in 1996 have helped to streamline licensing requirements and funding streams for relative caregivers.

In the same time frame, changes going on at the national level and more attention being drawn to studies showed kids fared better if they were raised by relatives rather than entering foster care.

“They receive the same rate based on what that child needs,” said Nanette Simmons, a state foster care administrator.

“It’s best for a child to be placed with a relative or someone known to them.

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