Do you call young man dating older woman

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Ive found the perfect mate-we really do balance each other out perfectly.

He even checked me about my faults and I listened because of the way he would tell me.

It's actually kind of scary, and he always tell me that I have to get over my fear of things, (because I have a lot).

I'm just wondering why do I feel so good about this man and so soon.

I never felt this way about anyone without the main focus being about sex. I have definitely found the perfect person to balance me out. In 7 months I have reached a state of such harmony with him and I know he is my soulmate.

I am a Gemini woman (6/18/87) and I have been with my Libra man (9/25/86) for 7 months now. Being a Gemini woman, I know that I can be childish and naive at times but he brings me back to earth.

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