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After all that farming we’ll have a casual lunch, and then supper that night is always a roast chicken with cauliflower cheese, roast potatoes, parsnips, peas and carrots.

We all cook together but I’m in charge of meat and gravy, that sort of thing.

Emily is competing with her own horse quite a lot now and the competitions always seem to be somewhere freezing on Sundays.

They get a big bowl of lovely stuff and a fresh hay net and I check their water, then I come back in and the tea is perfectly brewed.

Then there are also the sheep to feed and the cows to water or let out or feed, or just annoy.

When my daughter Emily was a baby she was in the row of mouths too, but she’s a teenager now so she gets up when she wants.

I generally try and do all the farm maintenance at the weekends and I like it because it keeps me in touch with everything.

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