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The No Contact Rule is the essential guide to breaking up when you can’t or won’t let go, or you’re tired of being treated like a backup plan.

La diversité des tonalités littéraires présentes dans les romans est d'ailleurs totale.

Genre polymorphe, le roman exploite aussi bien les différents discours (direct, indirect, indirect libre), la description (cadre spatio-temporel - portraits) que le récit proprement dit (péripéties), le commentaire ou l'expression poétique.

Depuis son apparition, le genre romanesque a connu de nombreuses évolutions formelles et mises en question, aussi bien dans sa réception publique que du fait des écrivains.

This page will be updated with the links to all available territories but a search of your own Amazon should yield the book. Print: Amazon UK | US | FR | Signed copies available via the Baggage Reclaim Shop. This is the second edition of the book and has been newly updated and beefed up at double the original size. Your purchase files contain a PDF which is great for computers, printing and read via apps like Goodreader on mobile devices, an epub version of the book (works on most e Readers and mobile devices but not Kindle and is normally sold separately) plus a Feelings Diary worksheet worth £4.99 and The Unsent Letter Guide 2nd edition.

Please note that extras available with this purchase aren’t necessarily available with other purchases. I (Natalie Lue also known as NML) am the founder of Baggage Reclaim which I use to help empower people so that they can have healthier relationships, both with themselves and out there in the crazy world of dating and relationships.

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