Dressage sports dating

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Inside the strike area is a layer of ARTi-LAGE - the latest in impact protection designed to protect your horse.

This proprietary technology offers maximum protection with unique molecular properties designed to create a soft and flexible shock absorbing barrier.

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This Lauries Crusador xx offspring is a half brother to Josef Kathmann's Grand Prix stallion Licotus and the licensed Classic Rock (by Carabas).The experts of German Horse Forum - Kareen Heineking-Schütte, Gabi Rund-Köllner and Hans-Dieter Tüpker - picked the collection which includes horses for every type of rider: from undiscovered raw talent to confirmed competition horses on their way to S-level.One of the highlights in the collection is Louis Crusador.Interested parties may register as purchasers and sign up for the newsletter.During the Dressage Date Deluxe sales weekend horses can be viewed under saddle ridden by their own riders as well as tried out by interested buyers.

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