Dylan sprouse dating now

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If you’re a Bughead shipper then you’ve probably also heard the rumours suggesting that Riverdale’s Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart are dating IRL.But while the pair have kept mum about whether they are or aren't together until now, Cole’s finally decided to put us out of our misery and have his say on the matter. Chatting to EW about his relationship status, Cole said: “Since the show began, people have wanted Lili and I to be together.Cole Sprouse has a zen approach to his re-emergence into the spotlight.Chalk it up to his many years in the business and surviving child stardom, or that he took a step back from the entertainment industry to go to and graduate from college, or that he has a very successful second career as a photographer.

“Getting in the first blow was something I learned in childhood,” he once told an interviewer, according to the Associated Press.

Aames is a great example of how most don't plan to be homeless, and we're all just one bad decision (financially) away from the streets — during his time on While for many kids being on television is a dream come true, life quickly became a nightmare for Danny after the show ended.

At only 15-years-old he was living on the streets and abusing drugs — and although it was he who left home, it doesn't make us any less sympathetic for the kid — especially as he divulged the details of living in his car, behind a dumpster on Lohan was the childhood star we all loved (my millennials, that is).

Fame always comes with a price and they certainly paid it (or didn't? Of all the dreams children have when they're younger, when it comes to their future occupation — firefighter, policeman, and even a fairy — I have to say that being a celebrity has to be at the top of the list.

As a child, you imagine yourself demanding all the creamiest ice cream, getting the hottest toys on the market, and doing whatever the hell you want just because you're you. However, the one thing these childhood stars have taught us is that it's not all that cracked up to be.

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