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This population is now scattered across the world with the largest concentrations in Israel and the United States and represents a unique mix of Middle Eastern and European genetic elements, which crystallized within the last 2,000 years.The North and Central America cluster consists of present day Native American populations that span from southeastern Alaska down through the western half of the United States and end at the top of Nicaragua.Populations within this cluster are descendants of the first migrations from Siberia that moved into the Americas via the Bering Land Bridge roughly 15,000–23,000 years ago.These migrating populations split roughly 13,000 years ago as one group migrated east and south to populate areas of North and Central America and a second group spread down into South America.

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Fleeing to the Ottoman Empire, Morocco, and a few locales in northern Europe, the Sephardic population maintained their genetic distinctiveness while they fused with the local cultures.

Water control and irrigation of crops are seen as early as 700 CE in some Hohokam sites, which lead to bountiful harvests.

This large food surplus allowed for the growth of larger populations supporting skilled craftsman and artisans.

Therefore, it is quite rare for present day people to have a high percentage of origins from this cluster, even with documented family lineage.

Testers within this cluster may have a percentage of genetic relatedness lower than expected.

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