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In accordance with customer contract regulations this agreement is subject to a 14 day cooling off period during which no advance notice of cancellation may be charged Please direct any enquiries to: Subscriptions, North Lanarkshire Leisure Ltd, 1 Ardgoil Drive, Cumbernauld, G67 9NE Tel.[email protected] & Courses E-Mail: [email protected] – Terms of Use1.rom the paffing of this ad:, iliall be imported into he date of North-Garolina, from any foreign port )r place, and upon the tonnage of ail iliips and vef- els, which, after the faid day, fnall be entered .vithin the faid fcate of North-Carolina, fubje£l to he exceptions, qualihcations, allowances and abate- Ti^nts in the faid acts contained or exprei Ted ; v/hich afts (hall be deemed to have the like force and ope- ration within the faid (late of North-Carolina, as eifewhere within the United States, B [ 4 ] And for due Scc. And he it further enu Bed^ That for t] fivedtftrias ^^^ colleaion of the faid duties, there (hall be eftabiifhed ; the faid lliate of North-Carolina five diflrids ; o] .... to be called the diftricl of Wilmingtori, and to coi their limits. -i , n i n 111 prehend ail the water Sjlnores, bay Sjharbours, cree. Coliciflors may allow further credit for monies on a bond given to fecure the duties, where the goods are entered for le-exporcation, but the bond becomes due before the drawback is payable - ii.

Thirty days’ notice of cancellation is required and all outstanding fees must be paid immediately.The customer must request cancellation via telephone, e-mail or letter to the undernoted contact details.Please note that any monthly fee falling within the 30 day notice period will be collected in full and appropriate access to facilities will be granted during the period which has been paid.2.nd refpeclive duties fpecified and laid, in and by import^^ and he aa, intituled, " An ad for laying;' a duty on T^-^/' '^"* :oods, wares and mercnandiies imported mto mt force as to Jnited States ;" and in and by the ad, intituled, ^^''c^f^^^nf ' An a 6: impofing duties on tonnage," fliall be paid auer 30 nd colle£led upon all e;oods, wares and merchan- ^^'^^ \? The Prelident may caufe ten revenue cutters to be built, for the pro- tedlion of the revenue j the expence thereof limited, and how to be de- frayed - - - - ii. '^ lifes, which, after the expiration of thirty days tk L aa.

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