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As the subject says: I want to know if there's a way to view password protected photos on a dating site.

This is the only section of the page source that changes once a valid password is input: Before a password is entered: I discovered that the resulting image link (/membermedia/*5*000_*8864*_0_*_0.jpg) is made up of my id (*5*000) and the other person's id (*8864*).

In another case, a woman blogged about a guy OKCupid had suggested to her.

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I don't know of ANY other site that allows an instant login link like that without having to enter a password.

A friend who recently started using OKCupid just forwarded me an email she got from the site, containing a funny message from a prospective suitor: "You seem nice. " I clicked on the message, curious to see if the sender was a sexy foreigner for whom English was a second language. Just because I had clicked on an email sent to her, OKCupid thought I was her.

Suddenly, I was in my friend's account, staring at all her read and unread messages. OKCupid frequently emails its users new matches, prompts them to update their accounts, and sends them other links to the site.

The typical complaint, however, seemed to be that users were forwarding OKCupid emails without realizing that they were also handing over the keys to their accounts: When I got my first "login instantly" email, I didn't realize that "instantly" meant without having to enter a password, and I never tested it.

I forwarded the email to my friend to tell her about okcupid, and consequently she now has full access to my account.

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