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The See this SO QA for how to find data sets suitable for your problem.

If you are able to rephrase your problem to use the built-in datasets you are much more likely to get good answers (and upvotes).

For instance, they could be working with sensitive data or on an original data collected to use in a research paper.

For any reason, I thought it would be nice to have a handy function for "deforming" my data before pasting it publicly.

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EDIT: Pretty code is easier to read than ugly code. Sometimes the problem really isn't reproducible with a smaller piece of data, no matter how hard you try, and doesn't happen with synthetic data (although it's useful to show how you produced synthetic data sets that did not reproduce the problem, because it rules out some hypotheses).This answer focuses on what I think is the best practice: use built-in data sets and provide what you expect as a result in a minimal form. I don't expect this answer to rising to any prominence; this is here solely so that I can link to it in comments to newbie questions. Apart of all above answers which I found very interesting, it could sometimes be very easy as it is discussed here are many ways to make a random vector Create a 100 number vector with random values in R rounded to 2 decimals or random matrix in R Note that sometimes it is very difficult to share a given data because of various reasons such as dimension etc.ID Race Age Sex Hour IQ Height Died 1 001 White 33 Male 104 74 TRUE 2 002 White 24 Male 78 69 FALSE 3 003 Asian 34 Female 113 66 TRUE 4 004 White 22 Male 124 73 TRUE 5 005 White 25 Female 95 72 TRUE 6 006 White 26 Female 104 69 TRUE 7 007 Black 30 Female 111 71 FALSE 8 008 Black 29 Female 100 64 TRUE 9 009 Asian 25 Male 106 70 FALSE 10 010 White 27 Male 121 68 FALSE .. However, all above answers are great and very important to think and use when one wants to make a reproducible data example. #If you cannot share your original data, you can str it and give an idea about the structure of your data head(str(mydf1)) package to show what you expect to occur.If your expected result is large and unwieldy, then you probably haven't thought enough about how to simplify your problem (see next). I wonder if an link could be a very neat way of sharing a problem.The main thing to do is to simplify your problem as much as possible before you ask your question. It receives a unique ID like and one could even think about embedding it in SO.

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