Facilities accommodating suicide in 1945

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The meeting Unity longed for finally happened on 9 February 1935. Also she was a big fan of "Cavalcade", which was Hitler's favourite film after "King Kong"."I met her in the Osteria Bavaria. The Osteria was a small inn, it is still there, and hasn't changed much. There was a wooden partition, and behind it a table to seat eight.An adjutant would phone the owner to warn that Hitler might be coming and to have the table clear.While Schffer was a "guest" aboard the 'Belgrano', the newspaper "El Dia" in Uruguay's capital of Montevideo ran a Page One story, claiming that U-977 had stopped first near Comodoro Rivadavia in southern Argentina.by another mistress, their nanny and half a dozen leading Nazis had taken to the rubber dinghies in the Golfo San Jorge, gone ashore in Patagonia, and now they were all on their way to "the new Berchtesgaden in Antarctica".Unity learned that, when in Munich, Hitler often had "lunch" at the Osteria Bavaria, an artists' cafe full of drawings and watercolours that Hitler, himself a watercolorist, loved. and often later, accompanied his constant companions, photographer Heinrich Hoffman, his secretary Martin Bormann, Reich press chief Otto Dietrich and the Nazi Gauleiter of Munich, Alfred Wagner.They always made straight for their regular table, in a corner of the room shielded by a low partition. After spending five minutes looking at the menu, he ordered the same thing every day--a dish of meatless ravioli, with either mineral water or herbal tea on the side.There was nothing significantly sexy about the man.

Then Schffer is piped aboard the 'Belgrano' and surrenders his boat and crew.

Unity occasionally visited Chartwell, the Churchill estate, but not as often as her older siblings, Diana and Tom, who were the regular playmates of Winston's kids, Diana and Randolph Churchill--a fact which may or may not have something to do with what happened to Unity after 1939.

In September 1933, while on tour in Munich, 19-year-old Unity dropped in on the annual rally of the Nazionalsozialistiche Deutsche Arbeiterspartei [NSDAP or Nazi Party] She had found the first Nazi Party Congress so exciting that she was determined to return and bombarded her parents with requests to go back. As well as the other English girls staying with the baroness, she met young Germans through Putzi [Ernst] Hanfstngl's sister Erna. Unity's younger sister, Pam, who had known Derek when he was a schoolboy, had told him to look up Unity, and the two of them often went sightseeing or walking in the mountains together.

"As a war baby, her second name, 'Valkyrie', after the warrior maidens of 'The Ring,' was a tribute to her grandfather Redesdale's passion for Wagner".

Indeed, Bertie's closest friend was none other than Houston Stewart Chamberlain, Wagner's son-in-law and the Nineteenth Century apostle of "Aryan supremacy"."Unity Valkyrie became one of the Mitford Girls, the younger sister of Nancy, a famous British author, and Diana, who came close to becoming the first woman since Mary, Queen of Scots, to "shake hands with Jack Ketch at the Tower".

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