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The pay for teaching English relative to the cost of living is best in Korea.

Taiwan is a close second, with jobs that pay from US - per hour and a cost of living (depending on where you live) that ranges from one-half (big cities) to one-quarter (rural townships) of the cost of living in Western countries.

Many teachers arrive in Taiwan and find that they need a Taiwanese person to co-sign their apartment lease.

This need is usually filled surprisingly quickly by a friendly co-worker or acquaintance who—after knowing you just a week or two—is willing to take the responsibility.

And, although this is changing, police have been known to turn a blind eye to foreigners’ traffic violations.

The tour is called „Blast to the Past: Walking Tour of Old Taipei“ and it’s not offered by a company, but by the National Taiwan Museum 國立臺灣博物館.

In today’s climate of financial uncertainty, where layoffs are rife and jobs are increasingly hard to find in many Western countries, more and more people are looking to Asia for employment.

The cost of living in Taiwan is low, the climate is very pleasant, and the people are very welcoming to foreigners.

The single most common job for Westerners in Taiwan is teaching English.

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