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***** Kara Danvers bit her lip as she knocked on the front door of her dear friend Lena Luthor's home.

As she waited for a reply she again wondered why her friend didn't live in one of the many mansions her family owned.

She shares this surprise with Lorelai and in her miscommunication with Jackson, inadvertently involves Lorelai in their fight – which Sookie manages to explain eventually.

After realizing that Mia wants to sell the Independence Inn, Lorelai freaks out on Sookie, without telling Sookie why, about the uncertainty of their future, now that going into business for themselves is not only a dream but has to work.This leads to some conflicts, particularly with Lorelai and Jackson, but Sookie eventually manages to explain her fears and curb the consequences of her freak-outs.She also worries about being a mother at first, but effortlessly settles into the role, as bubbly and loving as she is with all the people around her."Kara." Lena beamed, stepping aside so her friend could enter, "What a wonderful surprise." "Supergirl told me what happened. " Kara asked as she took the silent invitation to come inside the apartment. I feel like I don't know anything anymore." There was another long pause and then Clark cautiously added, "That's why you want to go, right?"I'm fine thanks to you." Lena smiled, closing and locking the door before turning back to Kara, "And Supergirl of course." "Good." Kara smiled back. To explore the possibility, without, you know..." "Being me." Kara smiled softly, "When I'm Supergirl, I feel like I can do anything..." "It's not just a costume..." Clark continued for her.

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