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Bogotá stands out for its economic strength and associated financial maturity, its attractiveness to global companies and the quality of human capital.It is the financial and commercial heart of Colombia, with the most business activity of any city in the country.In my spare time, I go shopping, I chat with my friends, I visit my friends.I am very familiar, soy Una mujer, con principios y valores, me gusts divertirme sanamente, compartir en familia, me gusts mucho que mi pareja me haha reir es muy divertido y le da un dulce sabor a la relasion.Bogotá is a territorial entity of the first order, with the same administrative status as the departments of Colombia.It is the political, economic, administrative, industrial, artistic, cultural, and sports center of the country.

The city is home to central offices of the executive branch (Office of the President), the legislative branch (Congress of Colombia) and the judicial branch (Supreme Court of Justice, Constitutional Court, Council of State and the Superior Council of Judicature) of the Colombian government.

The civilisation built by the Muisca, who settled in the valleys and fertile highlands of and surrounding the Altiplano Cundiboyacense (modern-day departments of Cundinamarca and Boyacá and small parts of Santander), was one of the four great civilisations in the Americas.

The name Muisca Confederation has been given to a loose egalitarian society of various chiefs (caciques) who lived in small settlements of maximum 100 bohíos.

After the Battle of Boyacá on August 7, 1819, Bogotá became the capital of the independent nation of Gran Colombia.

Since the Viceroyalty of New Granada's independence from the Spanish Empire and during the formation of present-day Colombia, Bogotá remained the capital of this territory.

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