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Governments are not likely to make the decision to keep such records off the Internet altogether. The public policy reasons for making public records available electronically are irrefutable - promoting easier access to government services as well as opening government practices to the public and fostering accountability.

I suggested in point 1, for example, that courts can choose to post only the case indexes on the Internet rather than the full-texts of files.The process of analyzing the public policy purposes of certain government records being public and others not is long overdue. Why are other types of government records considered public?Now that courts and government agencies are grappling with the decision to post their records online is an ideal time to engage in this analysis. Which records need to be public in order to promote such policy objectives as government accountability?The following are examples of public records containing personal information available remotely via electronic access. Public records provide notice to all members of society of the official actions taken by government.They also provide notice of the "official" status of individuals and property.

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