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Sign up to discover why millions of people have published their passions here.(May 20, 2017) — Callers to Born Free Motorhomes this week are hearing a message that the company is shutdown through Friday.This 1.0 HP unit has a new pump seal installed by us (it was leaking just very slightly), an internal reservoir, a Watlow controller set up for -2°C / 28°F glycol temps, an internal bypass flow valve, a new temp probe installed specifically for 28°F range operation, and is ready to ship. This is an indoor chiller, and can be used for higher temp manufacturing applications as well. We ship about 200 chillers per year (new and used) to customers all over the USA. Please check with us on timing, it is a busy chiller season. If running straight water and industrial temps (about 55°F), unit will achieve about 12,000 btu/hr. 94192 Date of Manufacture: 8/10/2005 208/230 volt single phase 11.3 amps Pump seal replaced Run and tested R22 refrigerant (ships with full charge) Instruction Manual Control Panel Inside View Tag Model: AS2J03DG Serial No.However, based on other correspondence with Born Free owners, the situation appears permanent, has learned.Two Born Free owners from New York were scheduled to have factory work done June 12 in Humboldt. If running glycol / brewery temps (about 28°F and 40% glycol needed), unit will achieve about 6,000 to 7,000 btu/hr.Operators Manual Product Data Electrical Schematic 1 Electrical Schematic 2 Open Side Inlet & Outlet Piping Tag Arrived at KIG in December 2015, we have three (3) Zarsky / Cold Shot 5 ton Air Cooled Chillers.

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In its present form, the condenser does not have the "low ambient" winter package with fan switching/VFD controls to allow to run in less than 40°F ambient conditions.A Wisconsin customer inquiring about ordering parts for his Born Free motorhome received an automatic reply noting “due to circumstances beyond our control, as of May 15, 2017 the Born Free factory in Humboldt, Iowa, will be closed until further notice.” A dealer from Virginia arranging service for a customer was told the factory had been closed.UPDATE: On Monday, May 22, telephone lines to Born Free’s Iowa headquarters office were disconnected.These units are on our refurbishment schedule - please check with us on lead time! Unit is wonderfully engineered, and although not intended to be out in the elements and precipitation, it has enhanced hi/low ambient, so it can run in -4°F to 106°F ambient conditions.Product Data Manual Alternate View 1 Alternative View 2 Open for Testing Arrived at KIG in April 2017 is this never used surplus Dual Compressor 6 ton Riedel Air Cooled Chiller. (If you are within this range, you can put outdoors under a structure/roof). Might be different serial number, as we have/had several of the PC160 chillers. Not all of our inventory is always listed, and we can quote you a NEW chiller made-to-order also, typically with a 4 to 5 week lead time.

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