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With one sharp thrust, he entered the writhing blonde. Opening his eyes, he straightened up and gripped her hips again, needing to see his cock sliding inside her. Glancing to his left, he spotted Sarah, watching him through her slightly open curtains. Ricky gasped and thrust harder, barely registering Christine's moans and gasps. Still watching Sarah, he gripped Christine's hips hard and began thrusting furiously into her. He sucked on her clit, gripping her thighs to hold her steady as she began to twitch.

She cried out, clutching his bedsheets in her fists. Fuck me good.” Ricky pounded into her, his eyes closed. He pictured his face buried deep in her pussy, lapping up her sweet juices. Reaching around, he gripped Christine's breasts in his hands and began to thrust slow and deep. She was wearing a short see-through white nightgown with spaghetti straps. Was he experiencing some sort of drunken fantasy/hallucination right now? Sarah's lips parted as her hand moved furiously over her crotch. Glancing down, he saw her buttocks rippling, her arched back. She'd lifted her leg up as she thrust a finger inside herself. She seemed to be calling out as she writhed on her fingers.

Not the sexiest sight to behold, but he hadn't got it in for weeks so she'd do for the evening. Her dark skin and dark eyes made her look exotic, perhaps Italian or Spanish.

He bent down and removed both of his shoes as the blonde, Christine he believed her name was, kicked off both of her heels. She'd moved in about a week ago and since the first time he'd seen her, Ricky hadn't been able to get her out of his mind. He'd seen no males coming or going from the house, so he believed she was single.

She was giggling and hiccuping, stumbling over her own feet and tottering on her high-heels.

Ricky stepped back and pulled Christine to her feet. She immediately began unbuttoning her white blouse and Ricky struggled out of his jeans and shirt. “Fuck me good.” Aware that his bedroom curtains were open, Ricky stepped up behind Christine and gripped her hips. She didn’t come to his house late on a Friday night for coffee and biscuits, she came for sex. The purple curtains blocking his view into her room swayed, teasing him. He had a feeling she’d be out tonight, probably hoping for round two. Lowering his head but keeping his eyes on her, he pretended to wash dishes. He kissed her as she tugged his shirt down his arms and threw it on the floor. He took her right nipple in his mouth and nibbled on it gently. He moved to her left nipple and flicked it gently with his tongue as he pressed his hand against her crotch. He pressed his mouth against her pussy, pushing his tongue in deep.

When Christine stood before him naked, he roughly turned her around and pushed her onto his bed. He pictured Sarah watching him, gasping with desire. That's so deep.” He was filling her up, buried deep inside. Sarah moved her right hand over her thigh and began rubbing her pussy. He knew after a few drinks he’d find it harder to resist and break his one rule: never fuck the same one-night stand twice. Standing in his kitchen, deciding what, if anything, he could do, he glimpsed movement. Sarah cried out, gripping handfuls of his hair in her fists. He groaned, the sound muffled by the best pussy he’d ever tasted.

She's just stepped out of a hot shower, her skin and hair dripping wet.

A fluffy towel covers her body from chest to mid-thigh, damp where it touched her skin.

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