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Presley's mother Chere Fuller says police came and took a report but failed to get the surveillance footage from the store, so she took the next day off from her nursing job and went to the store and got the footage herself.She then handed the footage over to local news station WBRE which aired the footage in hopes of tracking down Uravage.Like the stage cam, the dressing room cams are typically on and streaming live at all hours that the club is open.On the strip club dressing room cams I’ve watched, a typical evening meant you could watch the dancers enter in their street clothes, fix their hair, eat their lunches, and sit around smoking and texting.Soon after, Fuller got a message from Uravage's brother, Steven, identifying her.

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The couple are also waiting outside the door and soon leave with two other friends.That's when Uravage approaches from behind and then angrily pushes her boyfriend into the parking lot. The couple are then seen fleeing the scene, the boyfriend first and then Uravage following behind.Presley's father saw her daughter's hat fly into the air so he rushes outside to check on her.Then suddenly along came strip clubs with live webcams on their main stage and in their dancers’ dressing rooms.This article is specifically about the strip club stage and dressing room cams from clubs you can find on

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