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This 27 volume collection of biblical counseling titles is an amazing compilation of Christian counseling resources.

It includes works from 21 different authors, including Jay Adams, Steve Farrar, Elizabeth George, Jerry Bridges, and Lou Priolo.

So the first place we should go to in order to understand how to manage our emotions, is God's word. Our real life has those uncontrolled times that we don't want others to know about, the times when we really dislike ourselves, those moments we even try to hide from God.

Powerful topical searches help you find exactly what you’re looking for.

Scripture can lead even the most unlikely people to faith but when it comes to everyday problems - is the Bible really enough?

Can we say that scripture is sufficient for every counseling situation?

You’ll get informative studies on general Christian counseling, as well as very focused works on women’s and men’s counseling needs, counseling victims of sexual abuse, eating and diet issues, dating, working through struggles with sexual sin and anger, and developing a deeper walk with God.

This is a fantastic resource for the library of any pastor or Christian counselor.

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