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Please help and test on those systems if you have such possibility.If you know Java or C you can help developing Webcam Capture by forking repository and sending pull requests.Click on the below link to download it: webcam-capture-0.3.10The latest development version JAR (aka SNAPSHOT) can be downloaded here.

You can donate via Pay Pal, just click donate button available below - it will redirect you to the secured Pay Pal page where you can provide donation amount (there is no minimal value).

Assume situation when your code depends on some capturing framework, but suddenly you have to drop it and use different, maybe newer one (e.g. By doing this you will have to rewrite significant piece of your code because these frameworks are completely differend and not compatible at all.

This is where Webcam Capture API comes to save the world - it was created to remove the burden of such situations so you do not have to rewrite your code never again, but instead you can simply switch the driver class to different one.

The lates version (0.3.10) does not work on ARM just out of the box.

To make it working you need to replace version 0.6.2 of Brid J JAR by the 0.6.3-SNAPHOST or newer bridj-0.7-20140918.

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