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PLEASE NOTE 1) The TMGAIHAA book is NOT simply a reprint of this webpage or the Guardian columns. The TMGAIHAA book is a comic novel that was 'inspired' by this webpage's theme. 2) My novels have been translated into various languages, from Japanese to Hebrew - even into German - but you'll have to find those translations yourself, OK?

Much, I like to think, the way Alfred Hitchcock's fictional movie was inspired by multiple real life brutal murders in Wisconsin. Putting links to every novel in every language pretty much doubles the size of this page and, frankly, I suspect that the size of this page has damn near killed you already.

If you wish, you can take those who mess up out of the group and have as a winner the one teen remaining at the end.

A really crazy and fun icebreaker for teens, this game begins with each person receiving two notecards (or pieces of paper).

You can vary the number of balloons, balloon poppers, and the amounts of time for blowing up balloons and popping them depending on the number of team members involved.

Another balloon game and one of the most fun icebreakers, this takes some advance preparation.

Play continues with people eliminated when they show their teeth. A great blood pumping game, Captain Is Calling lasts about 15 minutes.

This game works well as an adult icebreaker for introductions by substituting names for the fruits and vegetables. For this adult icebreaker, the goal is to keep from laughing. One leader who is outgoing and loud plays Captain, explains the rules, and controls the game. The group forms lines with individuals standing one behind the other, facing front.

Once the leader is sure everyone understands, he sings, “Bring Back My Bonny.”My Bonny lies over the ocean. Anyone who messes up is “out” and the last kid remaining is the winner.

Instruct the leader to begin the pattern, as follows: Leader – “I say BOOM! A funny icebreaker game involves teens in a non-threatening way and gets them ready to participate in other, more serious activities.

Our funny icebreakers for teens act as warm-ups and, although they can be messy, guarantee involvement of even the shiest participants.

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