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The pacifism that swept America after World War I led many to wonder whether West Point would survive.

However, those who worked with Mac Arthur at West Point credit him with saving the institution.

Mac Arthur made intramural athletics compulsory and introduced the playing of athletic games on Sundays, despite protest from conservatives in the surrounding area who promoted the tradition of reserving Sunday for God and family. Stotesbury, a divorcé with two children who had previously been dating General John J. Mac Arthur proposed on their second date and she told a friend, "If he hadn't, I would have proposed to him. They were married on February 14 at her family's villa in Palm Beach, Florida.

In response, Mac Arthur composed the following poem, which is now etched on the portal of the West Point gymnasium: In January 1922, Mac Arthur announced his engagement to Louise Cromwell Brooks, a step-daughter of J. Shortly after, Mac Arthur got orders transferring him to the Philippines.

Greatly admired for his strategic and tactical brilliance, he was also criticized for his military leadership, including his command in the Philippines and New Guinea, and challenge to Truman during the Cold War. Johnson met Mac Arthur's casket at Union Station in Washington, DC, and escorted it to the Capitol Rotunda where Mac Arthur laid in state for the nation to mourn.

Johnson had ordered that General Mac Arthur be buried "with all the honor a grateful nation can bestow on a departed hero." Mac Arthur was born in Little Rock, Arkansas.

When he left for Washington, DC, a few months later to become Army Chief of Staff, he gave her a ticket to follow him on another ship.

After she arrived, he put her in her own apartment, in an attempt to maintain the secrecy of the relationship. In 1932, while in Washington, DC, he commanded the troops used to disperse the Bonus Army of World War I veterans who were in the capital protesting against the government's failure to give them benefits.

Mac Arthur held the appointment as chief of staff to the U. He was accused of using excessive force against a peaceful protest.

In 1905, his father was reassigned to Asia and Douglas traveled extensively with his parents, serving as military aide to his father.

In 1914, Mac Arthur undertook a daring reconnaissance mission in Vera Cruz, Mexico, in which he survived three groups of attackers, shooting several.

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