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Adrielle was a very beautiful young girl with long blonde hair, a cute baby face and an astonishingly shapely body with huge c-cup breasts.She was wearing a short black satin dress with spaghetti shoulders, due to the warm weather; very thin sheer to waist black pantyhose and open toe high heeled sandals.This old dominant guy was kind of scary but she couldn’t resist his charismatic attitude.

But she also felt that this guy wouldn’t force her to do anything she didn’t want to, he seemed to be just a horny, charismatic, self confident aged rich man; the type of guys she always got turned on by most.The Park It was a sunny spring day and Adrielle was taking a walk in the park after a shopping tour.Having no lectures in college today she decided to enjoy today’s wonderful weather.The young girl looked at the photos and was suddenly paralyzed by what she saw.The pictures showed the same 40 foot long snake swallowing down several very beautiful young girls, either head first or feed first.

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