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'I'm going to have another, would you like one Jean.' Jean declined so Tom went over to the bar to get his own drink. Jean was dressed in her long cream silk dressing gown with nothing on underneath. She opened the door and ushered Ben in quickly so not to be seen. She poured them both a Metaxa brandy before sitting on the sofa and beckoning him to sit beside her. 'Greek brandy can take a bit of getting used to.' Even when he'd stopped coughing she continued to stroke his thigh only moving her hand higher and higher towards his crotch. He looked at the older woman and saw that her dressing gown had come open showing a great deal of her breasts.This gave Jean the chance to talk to Ben on her own. She knew her nipples could be seen and this made her even hornier and them even harder. He was only wearing a t-shirt, a pair of shorts and had nothing on his feet. 'Er...maybe I should be going,' he stated 'Nonsense, young man. Ben did so without question and she took hold of his shirt and peeled it over his head. She led him by his cock into her bedroom whereby she pushed him on the bed and undid her robe before slipping it off. With Jean not having had children there was hardly any sag to her tits. She reached into her bedside drawer and pulled out a small vibrator which she lubed up and switched on.This time though the daughter wanted to go to bed so Susie her mother said she would go up too.Tom, the husband and Ben stayed down to chat to Jean. Jean took the glass from him and put both hers and his on the coffee table before rubbing his back. 'Are you alright dear,' she said rubbing his back and stroking his thigh.

Also she knew that when she climbed out of the pool her black one piece costume would be wet look and clinging to her body so with her shades on she could see who was checking her out without being too obvious.

She had a slim but busty figure with a 38DD chest and was five feet eight inches tall in her stocking feet.

Her long black hair and green eyes with a dress style that was classic and alluring made sure that nearly every man took a second glance at her.

She started to apply the cream to Susie's back and shoulders giving her a slow sensual massage. 'Oh god, no...please Jean, let me go, it's too big.' Susie watched amazed as Jean wrapped the harness around her waist and buckled it up. They lay kissing with the cock still deep inside of Susie.

She could feel Susie relaxing in her hands as they worked their magic on her shoulders and neck and once she was sure she heard Susie moan. With one hand playing with Susie's nipple her other hand pulled her head round and Jean kissed her full on the mouth, her tongue sneaking between Susie's lips. Jean took out two silk scarves and tied her wrists to the bed. 'Oh you can go after I've fucked you senseless, young lady.' stated Jean as she knelt between the younger woman's thighs and slowly lowered her face to the shiny, wet pussy before her. Taking a bottle of lube she coated the cock and kneeling back on the bed she slipped it between Susie's pussy lips. Jean ignored her and pressed forward driving home the dildo with one push. ' Soon Susie was coming on the huge cock, over and over but Jean continued to fuck her. 'I really must go now,' Susie said feeling totally satisfied.

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