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Hi Matt, I have both sealed bricks and painted over concrete bricks.

Sealing does give a better effect if the bricks are clay, but if they are concrete, painting works like a dream.

Hi Anissia, Here is the link to use if you want to buy tools online: https:// If the budget allows and you plan on doing lots of projects, Bosch Blue is always a good investment.

I have used: to bring out the vivid colour in clay bricks.

If you plan on painting, Prominent Paints have a Paving Paint that is available in select colours: ==========back to top========== Les Sent: 19 November 2017 PM Subject: Floors My floor has been insulated and screed put down 50mm thick. What thickness of board should I put down 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, or 18mm - to walk and put a trestle on?

Check your local classifieds to find a contractor in your region.

You can look in your printed newspaper or check online.

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