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While this is just a thought experiment, the facts that underpin it are very real. 166 pounds), and he carries less body fat (18 percent vs.For Americans over age 20, the average man is five inches taller than the average woman (5’9″ vs. 24 percent), so he’s got about twice the upper-body strength (what he’d use to pick her up) and twice the grip strength (what he’d use to hold her down).It will help you to stop acting like a self-sabotaging dick.And it will also help your relationships with your mom, sisters, daughters, female friends and co-workers.They are based on the best, current scientific knowledge that we have about women’s psychology and sex differences.We’ll also focus on women’s vulnerabilities, concerns and anxieties that you might not have considered before, because these are the aspects of the female experience that have long stood between men and a greater understanding of—and success with—women.This is their experience not just at bars and clubs, but at school and work, on the street and the subway.

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Any one of them could grab you, carry you out of the bar and put who knows what God knows where, and there is little you could do to stop them. But there’s strength in numbers, so you and your friends gather whatever sober courage you can muster and head to the bar. Yes, they are still big and intimidating, but they want to buy you drinks and pay you compliments.

If you want to guarantee mating failure, all you have to do is think of her as nothing more than an inanimate object—as an “8” or a “9,” as a simplistic robot with a set of “triggers” and “hot buttons” to manipulate. You’re single, it’s Friday night after a long week and you’ve decided to go out and have some fun.

At that point you’ve reduced your customer to nothing more than a cash dispenser, or, since we’re talking about objectifying a woman, a sex dispenser. At the purely practical level of attracting women, it’s stupid. You and some friends decide to check out a new gay bar that you’ve heard has a lot of hot guys.

All of them shamelessly use beautiful, scantily clad women with big boobs, tight asses and long legs as the vehicles to deliver their message. The problem from a mating perspective (besides the obvious ethical one) is that normal women feel this objectification acutely.

On the one hand, the media have established an unrealistic expectation of beauty for them to live up to, and this makes them insecure.

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    S.; it’s nearly impossible to know how many of them are trans men.) Yet experiences of trans men can provide a unique window into how gender functions in American society.

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