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Some will do so through a text or an email because they can not face the pain they know they are about to cause.

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" Greg says Charlotte's fiancé gave her closure, "Complete closure, the day of the wedding. Tarneka says although they've slept together, she's not sure if they're a couple. He keeps coming back and reinvestigating it, but it's not working. I know it's tough but cut him off and see how that works. You both need to do each other a favor and stay out of each other's lives because it just creates pain for you."Angela, 51, and Kris, 41, have been together for six years. "Everybody says he's not going to marry me," Angela says, "and sometimes I think, 'Why should he? '" "Sometimes I'll refer to her as my wife when doing business because it does make me look more credible," Kris admits. And he's been very clear…he's telling you every day he doesn't want to marry you now." "Is there anything wrong with [not wanting to get married]? "I love this man and I know he loves me," Katrina says. Comedian Greg Behrendt co-wrote the relationship handbook He's Just Not That Into You that's flying off bookshelves everywhere.Greg says his in-your-face analysis of relationships is meant to empower women as much as it is to sympathize with them.The other person just beat you to the punch, so to speak.Sometimes, the person left behind often feels as if the other is moving on without so much as a glance backwards, but that is rarely true.

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