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Oh, just one more minor detail: Hayley and Josh are now dating again!

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And so we will."We're really thankful for the people who have helped see us through hard times before and what we've discovered is that those people are just as much a part of this as we will ever be.

They were a couple, and her intimate relationship with him created a lot of stress on the job.

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Similar: Mainstreaming Her Singer: [Optional] Do you think she will end up with her colleague?

Not necessarily in this order: Hayley married Chad . Hayley formed a new trio with Zac and a new guitarist named Taylor.

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Not necessarily in this order: Hayley and Josh started dating (Shhhh!

This led to a series of events where business and personal lives overlapped and became very, very messy.

Singer: Hayley Williams from Paramore The rock band Paramore originally consisted of Hayley Williams, guitarist Josh Farro, his brother drummer Zac Farro, and bassist Jeremy Davis. Hayley started dating musician Chad Gilbert from the band New Found Glory. Jeremy quit, too, suing everybody in over royalties.

and sometimes the change is not at all what you hoped for." "To be honest, this has been really painful.

After taking time to consider how to move forward, we ultimately found that we really do believe Paramore can and should continue on.

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