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They are simple in their habits and far removed from the cunning and vice of modern man.Their way of life is frugal and far different from the luxury engendered by wealth.For in very many cases he has told falsehoods, as was stated earlier, so that it is clear he has been even less truthful as regards remote regions.And yet from the point of view of astronomy and mathematical theory he would seem to have made reasonable use of his data in asserting that those who live close to the frozen zone have a total lack of some cultivated crops and domesticated animals and a shortage of others, and that they live on millet and vegetables, fruit and roots.On a broader basis, evidence detailing other parts of the Celtic a linguistic rather than archaeological term world - Britain and particularly Gaul give some idea of what life was like when Patrick was in Ireland.· Certain favoured areas housed small communities who were involved in some agricultural activity and pastoral farming.Oats, barley, wheat and flax were grown and sheep were an important commodity, although cattle were the main economic trading unit and status element.The references to Druids and the Celtic religion by the Romans were made in Gaul mostly and none relate specifically to Ireland, although as part of the Celtic world it would not be inappropriate to relate the two tacitly, if mindful of the Roman bias.

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Heavy belt buckles, straps and harnesses which came to be imitated in Irish crafts may also have been part of this plunder.In the first century AD the European Celts were largely defeated by the Romans and Germanic tribes and following the Roman invasion of Britain in 43 AD, the subsequent Roman Occupation and the arrival of continental tribes most notably the Angles and Saxons in the 5th century, the Celtic cultural was pushed to the edges of Britain.It is regarded as having survived most energetically in Ireland.As regards Thule our information is even more uncertain than it is for Ireland on account of its distance; for people locate it as the most northerly of lands to which a name is given.However, the fact that what Pythons says about it and about the other pieces in those parts is false, is clear from what he tells us of the districts we do know about.

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